Coin purse suggestions!

  1. When packing me new LV speedy today, I realize I really need a coin purse for change. I am tired of craming it into my wallet. What are some good coin purses. I don't need huge, but something to hold some change, nothing else. Anyone have one they like???

    I am seeing a trend here.......................more LV shopping.:P
  2. The monogram pochette cles (key and change holder) is the classic choice. OF course, it comes in many colourful varieties and materials, so you could get a raspberry one in vernis, or one in the white MC cles, or a demure black suhali one. The choices are endless.

    Bottom line, you want a cles ! ;)
  3. I have a monogram ludlow wallet that has a change pocket, but I also keep change in my orange perforated cles.
  4. how about the koala change purse? its a little pricey ($300 +) but so cute! There is also the round coin purse and the classic change purse.


  5. Don't forget about Suhali cles! I love my white one!
  6. I have this one and now use it as my wallet! I put my DL in the front slot, the rest of my CC's in the back and put coin and bills in the coin area. Works great, really. When I finally make up my mind on which wallet I want, I'll use it as an actual coin purse.
  7. I love my Mono Cles!
  8. I use mono cles for my changes and keys
  9. I vote for the Mono Rond! It's too cute and classic!
  10. I have the LV black multicolor key cles/coin purse! i LOVE it! I'm not a fan of the multicolor in the larger bags, but I think its SOO cute in the cles!!

    IMO, LV makes the best coin purses!! :yes:
  11. Perfo Cles.
  12. p11094081_ph_althero_Orange.jpg
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