Coin purse here!

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  1. Please post here your coin purse sightings at stores:

    -mini mini coin or regular coin purse size
    -name of store
    -**and if you have an SA there you'd like to refer us to who has been extra helpful in balenciaga bag purchases :smile:

    This might be helpful for those of us looking for certain coin purses in colors, etc!!!

    Hope others find this thread useful too!! :smile:
  2. The NM at Fashion Island had a few black GSH coin purses.

    Barneys in BH had a magenta GGH (I think) coin and possibly a bouton d'or. Sorry I can't say for sure!
  3. I was hoping there would be more responses to this thread. I have been looking for a bright coin purse for awhile and they seem so hard to find. Are any of the new colours such as sapphire or amythest out there? Anywhere?
  4. sapphire is available at
    They also have black, turquoise, yellow, bg pink, vert thyme, sahara, white, charchoal gray, black cherry and sky blue.
  5. this is regular coin right? not mini mini coin?

    i kept checking the site but could only find the regular coin purse styles and not the mini mini ones that i had heard would be on there?
  6. my neimans had the amethyst, saphirre and some other colors i forgot i saw it today..
    both sizes =)
  7. Which Neiman's did you see those at??
  8. oh sorry! NM in honolulu
  9. I was just at Bal LA today and bought an amethyste coin purse - they had a few in this color. They also had vert thyme, a lilac :nuts:, white, and two other colors that I don't know the name of: one was a cream/oatmeal kind of color, and the other was a medium blue (not EB, not turquoise).

    They also had the mini in ruby and marine/midnight, they were so cute!!

    Also learned that Jupiter is leaving Bal to go manage the John Varvatos boutique in Malibu, he'll be at Bal for one more week. He is always so great about showing you as many bags as you want to see.
  10. New to the Bal forum ... if anyone spots a mini mini coin in electric yellow, please let me know!
  11. baihai how was the lilac CP? dry? saturated? smooth? veiny?
  12. ^ Hi PWE! The lilac was really pretty, more distressed/marbly. I was shocked that they had this color. When I first saw it I thought it was argent (you know how the lighting is weird in the store) but then I looked at the zipper tape and realized it was lilac. Plus it had a tiny little extra tassel which I think they stopped doing for fall 08.
  13. hi! there's no such thing as a mini mini electric yellow... the mini mini's didn't come back until this fall... so the current colors are the only ones you'll find the option on. sorry :sad:
  14. Oh, that's bad news :sad: I just purchased a black mini mini and was hoping to find one in a bright color to contrast in my bags ... Thanks for the info!

  15. :nuts:what a coincidence!!! I went to BalLa today and got that cutie lilac coin purse:graucho: The leather on her is really yummy yummy:heart: I saw charcoal gray, sahara, argent, black cherry,white, and amethyst. I recommend Alex, she was really helpful:tup: