Coin Case/Purse Question...

  1. Just wondering what leathers does the Le 24 Money Holder come in? It's the coin holder with the big snap button, and the case has not stitches in it and and completely unfold. It's the one that looks kind of like a triangle. Thanks in advance!
  2. Mr PS, I know it comes in epsom and buffle gala. I am not sure what other skins, as these are the only ones I have been able to see IRL. I love it in buffle! Also, did you know there is also the Le 72, which is a skosh bigger and has three compartments??? and a Le 48, which is two Le 24s back to back!!

    I have posted pics of my Le 72 in the small leather goods thread....I will try to find a pic.
  3. Now that I think of it, maybe it comes in clemence??? I saw one in etoupe, but truely I cannot remember what it was, I know it was NOT epsom or chevre though....

    OK, here is a pic of a Le 24 in Vermillion Chevre, from lvpurse..


    And here is my Le 72 showing the three compartments, and also a folded US$ bill or more fit nicely in the back one.


    And her is apigscloset's violet epsom Le 24

  4. woo hoo thats a big pic!!!
  5. Here's my Cyclamen Chain Purse in Epsom. I also saw a vert in Clemence and Turquoise in this too.
    tpf_change purse_cyclamen epsom calf.jpg tpf_change purse_cyclamen epsom calf with box.jpg
  6. I've seen it in lizard, very very nice!