Cognac Spy

  1. I have fallen in love with the cognac spy and was wondering if you could tell me if it´s possible to still get a hold of this bag?:confused1: Thank you for your time!!
  2. Yes. This is probably the cheapest authentic one you can find (someone correct me if I am wrong. And the website is legit. A lot of members have bought authentic Fendi from there. The colour in the photos isn't exactly accurate but this is the cognac.
  3. ^Oops I'm sorry. I just realised they were out of stock. Keep an eye on it though, they might get more in.
  4. The cognac is Fab, I have one, and I love her so much!
  5. Cognac is still available in shops and like Kavnadoo said Jomashop is the cheapest place to get one or eBay, but get it check out here first if you go with eBay.
  6. On the Saks website, if you click on the blue spy bag picture, it shows cognac is the color available....but it might not ship until Dec. 30th. I was looking at going ahead and buying it for my first spy! Not sure if it's the same one you're looking for?
  7. Thank you so much for all the help ladies!:tup: Never heard of Jomashop before, might be a problem for me because of the pricey taxes shipping from U.S to Sweden..

    Stlpurseluvr: Can´t seem to find the bag in cognac on their website:oh:
  8. The item # is 0431099701293. You can choose Cognac as the color. It says it's in stock. See if that works! :smile:
  9. it still might available in some retail stores...
  10. Good Luck finding one, it will be well worth the search!
  11. Stlpurseluvr: Found it!

    Saich2: Do you know the best place to look for it in London?
  12. If you buy from, make sure you buy through ****** ... you get 3% back ... PM me for info. I'm obsessed with ******.