Coco Cabas Khaki in at Harrods

  1. i'm not sure how hard these are to find at the moment but if any of you are looking I just had a phone call from Harrods to say they are in.

    I have one on hold but an not 100% sure as to if I want it or not. I bought the black MC tote last month and am really liking the Patent Jumbo Flap.

    I have Chanel yearnings!!!!!
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: WHERE???? OH NO~ I don't live in US!!! Will I able to email them?
  3. Harrod's in the UK :smile: I believe you call do phone orders though (not 100% sure about this)
  4. Harrods in London.

    This is the link. You can send them an enquiry online or call them. The phone number is 00 44 20 7730 1234 ask for the chanel accessories department. Hopefully they have some more in and if I decide not to get mine I will let you know asap.

    Good luck.
  5. :rolleyes: Thank you, Thank you!!!

    By the way, I was trying to say "I don't live in UK..." :p
  6. They have replied me~

    Hello Madam,

    I am affraid we do NOT have any Coco cabas in stock and we will not receive anymore before Christmas.


    Baptiste MATHET

    Chanel Boutique
    Harrods Limited
    London SW17XL