Coco cabas for petite figures?

  1. I am dying to get a small denim coco cabas and I mean dying to get one:drool: but was wondering how it looks on a petite person?

    Pictures would really help. I'm a little (very little) over 5 ft.:p

    I have the small cambon reporter (which I haven't worn yet) and it's just the right size. I love big bags but not if it's going to overwhelm me. Anyone...anyone?

    *Does anyone else's heart flutter when they think about their next Chanel?*
  2. I have a large Denim Cabas, I don't think it comes in small.
    I am 5 foot 2, I think it looks ok but you gotta like big bags first of all!
  3. i'm 5'2 and the large denim coco cabas was way too big for me, and i like big bags. i don't have pictures because i returned it. now i have the baby coco cabas and it's just perfect!
  4. i'm 5'3 and the denim cabas was definitely too big on me. i love my black baby cabas which is a great size.
  5. Does the smaller denim cabas exist? :huh:
  6. they still have the denim cabas in stores?? is it hard to find?
  7. There's no smalll denim cabas, I think it only comes in one size, if you search the Celebs thread in Chanel Reference Library, you'll see Cameron Diaz wearing one.