Coca's bayswater


Jan 14, 2010
I've just been reading an interview by Sara Harris and Johnny Coca in May's edition of Vogue magazine and it described the new design of the Bayswater and here are some of the new features. The internal pocket is now on the inside front of the bag, saves fumbling around says Johnny and he said the former was irritating to get to! The leather looks infinitely more expensive than the old version (which old version I ask)? The handles stand up on the new one, whereas the old handled version flopped down to reveal the ugly root of the handles at the base, I guess that's where the handles join the bag! The postman's lock plate is smaller, ' why have it any bigger' he says and the interior straps have been done away with because 'no-one' ever used them! Apparently the new version is SO improved it makes the old version look like A FAKE that's been picked up on New York's Canal Street (wherever that is)? Well ladies, I'll let you make up your own minds but for me, I'm sticking with what I love and that 'the old ones are the best!'


Aug 15, 2014
I use the internal straps.
They are great for tying on little pouches or oddities.
Even attached padlock cloche inside, when did not want on outer strap.

Johnny, just spray paint the bag blood red, stamp "Rebel against tradition!" in gold across front, & be done with these fantastic statements.
We are.
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Jun 4, 2014
The new bays will be very easy to fake in my opinion. No disc, no tree, processed leather. Apparently the top flap is smaller. It's a lot like the bays buckle but bigger. Will come in small grain. No NVT versions. Think there will be a smaller size too.
May 2, 2015
I actually use the internal straps depending on if I'm travelling or not. I also hang my sunglasses off them on the side.

Did he actually say it makes the old version look fake? If so how dare he. He ultimately just insulted every owner of the classic design. Pfft!


Feb 3, 2013
And how much will this all singing all dancing improved (rubbish its predecessor in the process) set all you bays fans back?

This all makes me laugh now


Mar 4, 2016
I'm new Mulberry but love my one Bayswater, and can't believe they would change something that just works. I'm sure all you lovely people who have had many years of love for your Bayswater will be even more outraged than I am - and believe me I'm outraged. I think I'll be cherishing what I have, but no more for me.


Jan 14, 2010
I actually use the internal straps depending on if I'm travelling or not. I also hang my sunglasses off them on the side.

Did he actually say it makes the old version look fake? If so how dare he. He ultimately just insulted every owner of the classic design. Pfft!
I don't know whether they were Johnny's words or the interviewer, it doesn't matter I certainly feel insulted at the fact that people will all think we're all walking around with fake Bayswaters as they are now all supposed to look so cheap as if we've bought them from a 5 and dime store from the U.S.A. when in fact I've just paid £900 to upgrade my Oak Bays. Annoyed or what? Plus, I use the internal straps a lot, depending on what I'm carrying and for all the reasons Remains said, they're just so useful for attaching stuff on to, I've got my house key on a long chain attached to one of the straps if my set of keys is in the bottom of the bag and I can't get to them, so I'm sorry here's two fingers going upwards to the fact that 'nobody uses them!' Sorry just to add to Louliu's question, apparently the new Bays will be the same price as the current one. The interviewer was terribly excited by this as if to say, wow, what a bargain!
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Mulberry Mad <3
Mar 12, 2011
Is he trying to alienate all the existing customers? I have 2 Bays and use the straps on both, I've also never thought of the inside pocket as difficult to get into. What an imbecile!


May 27, 2008
Milan & Toronto
From what I was told by my SA, the original Bays will still be produced and available, the only significant change will be the postman's lock/disc, which will have the new Mulberry text rather than the tree logo. The New Bays is just another interpretation - a new bag. I'll wait and see...


Caribbean Princess
Jul 7, 2011
I don't want to be rude but he could take his new Bayswater and put it somewhere where the sun doesn't shine.
Humph. How dare he insult a design classic? Makes me so angry!
Let's see how the profit margins go. Got the email for his new collection and it was just so NOT mulberry I simply deleted. I really dislike the new model/face of the brand. Never thought I would long for Cara and her gurning.
Feb 26, 2008
Oh dear this new bayswater doesn't sound very promising:sad:
Mulberry, what is going on with the brand we all fell in love with???:confused1:


Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
I think Johnny's got a bit of an ego going on. And that's not very Mulberry, at all. Quite the opposite. The Mulberry woman is confident, comfy and far from a pompous "LOOKATME!"-bimbo Johnny seems to be designing for.

To lose the NVT leathers and substitute them with something less down key and robust is one of his great mistakes; to lose the inside straps and otherwise "improve" a classic, bread-and-butter design is madness. The straps are there because they're necessary.

I'm starting to think that this is going to be another nail in the coffin - the Mulberry story will come to an end sooner than later if this goes on!

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Jun 9, 2007
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If the "old Bays" is going to look like a fake then I guess I won't be buying one next month like I planned. tisk tisk, Mulberry... now I don't even want the metallic mushroom Lily that I was going to order this week. I think that Coca's designs are a flop and he's feeling threatened, hence the bravado and the remarks. What a douchebag. Sorry for the language, but it describes him accurately. The new designs suck. There, I said it. They look cheap and have all been done before. Nothing new, nothing lush, nothing worthy of our $$$. I just hope that the Mulberry execs fire him before things get too bad.


Jul 19, 2013
So disappointing! I too love the internal straps and I also like that the handles DON'T stand straight up! I like being able to stow my Bayswater in my desk at work and I feel like handles standing straight up will make it pretty unwieldy.
Mar 17, 2013
Oh this makes me so sad. I love my bays and really wanted another one until now. I fell in love with Mulberry during my first trip to London. I'm not a fan of any of the new designs and am sad to say goodbye to a brand I thought I'd be in love with for a very long time.