Coach's new spring line

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  1. Have you guys receive your Coach spring catalog yet? I just got mine today and I am in LOVEEEE with their Poppy line (very colorful huge red flower plaster on their signature line). I especially like the Coach Poppy Signature Soft Duffle with beautiful white braided handle. I can't post the photo of this beautiful bag because it wouldn't let me so just go to and click "early spring catalog" (it's on the right side). Then go to page 3 and you'll see the bag I'm referring to. Ain't it a beauty?? :love: :love: :love: And it's coming next Feb. This will be on my Valentine list... :lol:
  2. Very cute. I'm liking the white one with the flower.
  3. ok, i have to ask now: what the hell is coach??
    i mean, i know the brand, but we don't have it in europe.
    is it really designer? many people list it when naming their designer bags. do they have a known designer who designs the collections? i kinda thought that it was a chain of stores like gap or banana republic and that they're just a bit more expensive. or am i totally wrong?
    maybe it's just my definition of designer, i wouldn't call juicy couture that either. to me chanel, dior,.. etc are designer items, you know with the designer, the runway shows, the limited items,...etc.

    anyways, help me out :smile:
  4. well the coach website is a little vague. i know they started out in manhattan, then they eventually moved to ohio, i think, and now they have gotten so huge, the goods are made in china. which i think is totally wrong for the price they're asking for lately. anyone else know more?
  5. i love the totes with the huge C's - they're kinda 60s, very fun. line looks good overall.
  6. The white with the poppy is cute. The signature with the poppy strikes me as being a bit busy.
  7. I remember my older bags being stamped made in the usa but don't remember when that stopped. We do pay too much for a bag made in china even though they do last forever. We should employ our own I say. But for those who don't know about Coach I couldn't find much but here are a few links.
  8. thanks guys!!
  9. I agree... there's a lot going on there between the signature fabric and the bright colors of the poppy.
  10. Yeah me too. I'm not to fond of the red poppy! Looks like theres too much going on there for one bag. I'm not the biggest fan of coach but I gotta admit I do own three coach bags. Every once in awhile they come out with something cute.

    As for the china thing? Yeah it's so wrong to charge so much for something that is made in china.
  11. I agree! Coach is getting very nice these days. I like that they're getting a bit edgier too, sometimes the look doesn't work out but it's nice that they're taking chances.
  12. I really like that there's a huge variety among lines.. and the Poppy line is definately far more likable in my books over the fish resort line. I really like the white poppy demi, but with that being said, a really rude experience at Coach last week has pretty much scarred me for a good long while from buying anything from them. :sad:
  13. What happen Ayla?
  14. I like funky stuff so upon hearing that the poppy looks kinda "busy," it just makes me want to buy it more!! lol :lol: :amuse:
  15. I went to return one of my bags.. because my friend bought the same one (AFTER I told her that I bought it, ugh.. stuff like that is starting to bother me..). I brought it back in a factory outlet paper bag, and the woman at the cash threw this huge spiel at me about how this bag is from an outlet.. and I was like, "yeeaaah.. but the actual bag is from this very store". I don't understand why she tried to embarass me like that, and seeing as how I had to wait in line, watching her be polite to the 9834902384x people in front of me, well, that was pretty upsetting.

    This wasn't even the first time that we tried to return the bag, my mother was going to do it for me, but they wouldn't even let her into the store because it was so full and basically she was told not to bother on that day. :Push: