Coach's Color Coding....

  1. Nz?
  2. nz= Anthracite
  3. light raspberry?
  4. li = light raspberry (alex, grammercy)
  5. Bump, Bump! I needed this and it was VERY hard to find. I thought others may need it for the new fall bags too!
  6. This one and the drilldown should be stuck!
  7. Totally agree! I searched for about 45 for these two darn threads today! Sticky please, please, please!!!
  8. RB = Ruby Red (as in Poppy wristlet/wallet)

    poppy wristlet.jpg
  9. What about the new midnight color?
  10. mq
  11. bump it up!

    using this to find more fall bags =]
  12. I didn't see these in the earlier lists:

    CR = cream
    SN = sand
  13. :bump: i think we should start posting in here again as we pull up new color codes via drilldown, that way it will make it easier for us all to pull up new items. =]
  14. ^^^sorry i didnt see the other posts
  15. just a note to anyone playing with DD and using this thread too, its really helpful to use the search this thread option at the top and type in the color of the code you're looking for. it's a lot easier than hunting for it. =]

    Mermaid- K6
    Asphalt- HV
    Blush- B5
    Lilac Multi- I1
    Blue Multi- B7
    Lilac- LL
    Putty- P7
    Bone- BN
    Gray Multi- GE
    Emerald- EM
    Gunmetal- GM
    Hematite- HM
    Khaki Multi- KM
    Teal- TE