Coach's Color Coding....

  1. I searched the Coach forums and didn't find a thread like this, but I may not have been specific enough... mods can you please close this if thats the case..

    I thought this would be helpful for those of us that may want to know what the color codes are for upcoming bags... I don't know a lot of them yet, so I'm hoping everyone can pitch in and then we can just combine the list when we get them all together... like I said if this has already been done before please close...

    For example:

    There is a color code that I'm not sure about... does CRL = Coral?
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    The ones I know off the top of my head are:
    BK = Black
    BR = Brown
    NA = Natural
    GY = Gray
    BG = Bottle Green
    GU = Geranium
    T2 = Tan
    M6 = Mineral
    CH = Chocolate
    TG = Tangerine
    CB = Chambray
    I4 = Pink
    WL = Walnut
    WY = Whiskey
    TE = Teal
    GS = Grass
    MJ = Magenta
    FX = Fuchsia
    MC = Multi Color (like legacy stripe)
    PM = Plum
    BY = Berry
    LL = Lilac
    P6 = Punch

    And for metal details, B4 is brass, SV is silver.
  3. WOW ars, you sure know a lot of the color codes... I thought coach uses 3 ltrs and not 2? I'm confused... whenever I call JAX they give me a 3 ltr code... for instance I'm trying to figure out CRL??
  4. Maybe it's different for ordering than for what is on the bag itself (the price tag) or drilldown lookup?
  5. CA= Camel
  6. PD= Pond
  7. PL= Platinum
  8. Does anyone know when you order from coach or JAX that they give you a 3 ltr code instead of the 2 ltr?

    I just checked some of my old tags I still have... there is only 2 ltr coding on the tags... but thats so weird that JAX gives me 3 ltr coding...

  9. PH= Parchment
    CM= Crimson
  10. This is a good idea. Coach is so random with their color-names though, that you still never know what you are going to get!
  11. This is a helpful thread! Thanks Coachgirl12!!
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    IK = Ink
    RO = Rose
    RU = Rust
    WN = Wine
    WT = White
    NV = Navy
    MA = Mahagony
    AA = Asparagus
    WW = Winter White
    BO = Burnt Orange
    XM = Red patchwork (like on 11310)
    BM = Brown patchwork (like on 13515)
    E3 = Beet
    BZ = Bronze
    GY = Gray
    AY = Clay
    P7 = Putty
    C9 = Citron
    JU = Juniper
    RI = Raisin
    SF = Sunflower
    A7 = Atlantic
    AE = Amethyst
    PX = Purple Patent
    GM = Gunmetal
    H9 = Chili
    PK = Pink
    CY = Cherry
    ES = Espresso
    IY = Ivory
    LO = Gold
    SV = Silver
    RS = Rose
    SE = Steel
    E2 = Red Patent
    RD = Red
    SD = Saddle
    PX = Purple Patent
    AU = Aubergine
    OD = Orchid
    AD = Antique Gold
    P4 = Petrol
    CP = Copper
    CQ = Charcoal
    PE = Pear
    GN - Green
    RN = Cranberry
    CN = Chestnut
    FL = Flint
    D3 = Dark Pink
    TU = Turquoise
    RA = Raspberry
    Y3 = Canary Yellow
  13. CO is coral
  14. What does the code B4K9 means?
  15. brass/buckskin