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Jun 17, 2007
Believe it or not I still haven’t worn either out anywhere! My lifestyle is now so different during covid my style has been way more casual. But I certainly enjoy looking at these in the sunlight :loveeyes: :lol::giggle:

it seems the MOP sold out fast everywhere!
I did find it at Dillards & Brahmin site. Still debating.
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Unintentional Trendsetter...
May 7, 2012
I completely forgot to post these, I discovered MZ Wallace this past year and was immediately smitten with their Sutton bag. I ended up with two small Suttons, one in grey snake, one in estate blue, and a medium in black. Such a great lightweight bag! I only took photos of the smalls, but you get the idea :biggrin:
20201015_070121.jpg 20200721_112453.jpg


will work (play?!) for bags
Jun 18, 2017
still at Dillard’s:giggle: :

I think it looks good with black bags, like as a pop of color. The MOP mod Bowie is already so glamorous and the d-rings for the strap don’t stick out quite enough for a charm. So I prefer to use it with some black bags I have :smile:

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but I think it’s one of those charms (like the Coach sequin flowers) that dress up any bag and make it seem fancier:love:

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I looooove this bird charm- if anyone finds out available anywhere, pls lmk!!!