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  1. My most recent bag purchase, the Marc Jacobs mini tag tote, on the way to work with me this morning. I love it!! You'd think I'd get tired of black bags, but you'd be wrong.

  2. Me too. :tup: I love black bags.
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  3. It's a sickness; I'm already considering another black bag solely to use with one of my new MJ straps with gold hardware, since I don't own a bag with gold hardware. :P
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  4. New to me grey Balenciaga Velo. Love the versatility of this bag. IMG-3083.jpg
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  5. It's not here yet, but I totally went the frivolous route and got this Kate Spade bag. Don't ask me why, but I have ALWAYS wanted a pink croc embossed bag. Most are either not quite what I was looking for or entirely out of my price range- because they were real croc. I was perusing KS's site yesterday and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I hope I love it as much as I think I will, because it'll be my birthday gift to myself :amuse::angel:
  6. That's adorable! Let me know how you like it. I've been looking for a fuchsia bag.
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  7. I will! It's a smaller sized style but still has feet, which is a big plus. As long as it fits my essentials and doesn't look goofy on, I think it will look amazing with all my neutral clothing. I tend to wear black, gray, and navy, lol!
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  8. So it's here! It is not as bright in person ad the photo depicts, it does have more of a magenta/deeper color than the bright fuchsia pink it shows. But I love it, it is such an adorable statement bag! And it fits all my essentials which is a plus! Reminds me of the smaller Charlie bags, only has a zippered top. 20191124_130151.jpg
  9. What a gorgeous bag! I love that shade of pink.
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  10. This is so pretty! What's the name? Is it currently on the KS website?
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  11. I love pink but I've yet to find a pink bag I love. This one is wonderful! It reminds me of something Barbie would carry (in a good way!). Perfect combo of color and sophistication :love:
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  12. It is on the website, it is the Eva small satchel.
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  13. Maybe I'll nickname it my 'Barbie Bag', lol! Thank you!
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  14. Thank you, it stopped me in my scrolling tracks. It's even nicer in person, I tried to capture the color, but it either was too dark or too bright. The website color is closest, but it just isn't as shiny/patent looking.
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  15. Thanks for the info. I just looked it up and found interesting that the details state a dustbag is not included. Is it true the bag didn't come with one?