Coachies in MI - Roll Call!

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  1. Hey gang,

    I have noticed that many tPFers here are concentrated in certain areas of the country. How many of us are from Michigan? Michiganders, what cities do you live in? I'm from Detroit so I criss cross the state a few times per year - it would be nice to coordinate a meetup with some of you some time.

    I love my friends dearly, but when it comes to Coach, most of them are clueless or out of touch. They admire from afar, but they don't have the appreciation that I have, you know? A woman may carry Coach bags, but that doesn't make her a Coachie ;)

    I'm in Grand Rapids - where are you?
  2. HEY! Fellow Michigan TPFers.
    I find this funny because I was thinking about creating a thread exactly like this!
    I currently live in Metro Detroit (Canton/Plymouth area). I do most of my COACH shopping at either Fairlane (I find the SA's the best in Michigan) and Somerset (Most selection of items in Michigan).
  3. Outside of Saginaw here. Nice and close to the Birch Run outlet
  4. I'm from Novi! LOVE Twelve Oaks but the store at Somerset definitely has the best selection. I go there as much as I can, which unfortunately, is only a few times a month :sad:
  5. I tend to do most of my shopping at 12 Oaks or the Howell outlet.
  6. I am from Michigan. Currently in Jackson. I shop at the Ann Arbor boutique and the outlet in Howell. I wish Okemos would add a boutique. I tend to do all my mall shopping at Meridian.
  7. I'm from north eastern Indiana, but I'm always in Michigan! I go to St. Joe alot during the summer, and also the wine trails! You all have such a beautiful state!
  8. I'm in Indiana too, right outside of Niles.
  9. I live in Windsor, Canada...which is right across form u guys!!! HELLO!
  10. I'm in Michigan :smile: Near Flint.

    Was born and raised until 12 years old in Indiana.
  11. #11 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010

    Hey! I'm from Jackson too!!

    I shop mostly on-line (nada here, sigh, don't live here by choice) otherwise, Coach Briarwood or the Howell Outlet. :smile:
  12. Midland....
  13. I'm just outside of Flint. I am loving that great lakes crossing has an outlet now, it has cut down on my trips to birch run. I also go to somerset, and twelve oaks.
  14. I'm in the Flint/Grand Blanc area as well :smile: I know Deleckidesign personally, but I don't know you, ative65. Mind if I ask you age? I'm just curious. I'm 27 :smile: Hello everyone! Love this thread!
  15. Thanks for chiming in, everyone!

    Great Lakes Crossing has an outlet now? New excuse to go there next time I visit the moms!

    No one in West Michigan....awww shucks. Maybe we can plan a tPF Day at the Outlet sometime this spring. Is the Tanger (Howell) outlet more centrally located or Birch Run? It's the same distance either way for me - 2 hours drive! I don't mind it, though - but I think the Birch Run outlet has a better selection. What say you?

    Oh yeah - big shouts out to the Tri-State Coachies in Indiana! Is the Aurora outlet as great as I would expect a flagship outlet to be?
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