Coach website search it accurate?

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  1. Everytime I try to search for something in my local 50 mile radius I always come up with nothing being available. Is this normal? It seems nothing I ever want is available in the 5+ boutiques in my area I can go to. I hate to call every store to find out but its looking like that may be what I have to do. :confused1:
  2. Why don't you try calling your closest store and they can see ih what you are looking for is in the area.
  3. I've noticed that certain boutiques near me never come up in the search, even though I had seen the particular bag being searched at those stores recently. It's probably better just to call them directly.
  4. I can never get that search feature to work. I gave up on it. Call the boutique or JAX.
  5. It USED to be, but I have found that its not anymore!
  6. Okay thanks girls. I was beginning to think the same thing. I will call the boutique.