coach website is updated!!

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  1. I had to click on what's new to see everything.
  2. woooowwwza!!!!!
  3. Looks like I am safe from this update. Nothing is calling out to me. More money for Willis & Legacy next update. :biggrin:
  4. I'm safe too. I was wondering if they were going to add Legacy wallets in the 2nd wave of colors (ultraviolet, berry, tourmaline, fuchsia, etc.)
  5. I think all of the UV, Tourmaline, & Fuchsia comes out in the next update. I'm very grateful nothing from Madison line is tempting me this time.
  6. Wow! So many new beauties, amazing to see them all at once like that. That new Abby is gorgeous, especially the blue, but it's another giant sized bag. Will have to see it IRL.
  7. OMG, a gathered leather Carrie?! *drool*
  8. I see one new legacy item: leather cosmetic cases! I want!
  9. Loving all the new Madison!! My wallet will be mad at me!:P
  10. OMG Drool - so many bags I want, criss cross lindsey, carrie, isabelle!!!
  11. I LOVE this. Just added it to my bag though and can't check out :sad:
  12. Oh, love this... I wonder if it'll be coming out in other colors?
  13. I almost hope not. Then I am limited to how many I buy :P
  14. :lol:
  15. I was hoping that Molly would be in this update!