Coach Wallet

  1. Has Coach ever made a signature wallet that has the I.D. window on the outside? I looked on eBay and didn't find any and went to the Coach Outlet and Stores and only found wallets with the I.D. window in the inside. I saw one on craigslist but not too sure if its authentic and I already posted it in the Authentic This thread and only one responded and not many people can tell if a wallet is fake or real from pictures. So i just want to find out if Coach ever made a wallet with the i.d. window on the outside. I even asked the SA at the outlets and they seem to not know much. Hopefully someone here can help me out. TIA!!!
  2. i think dooney has one of those, as for coach i dont think so.
  3. Oh, so the one I saw on craigslist could be fake? Someone said on the Authentic This thread it might be a made for outlets wallet. But it's hard to tell. Well thanks sinniebunnie for responding! I appreciate it.
  4. I've never seen a legit Coach wallet with an outer ID window.
  5. craigslist lol.. private message me the link and i will take a look. i am always on there sf style!

    the dooney one isnt so bad i have their large zip wallet and it holds up pretty darn well..

    the window one is umm... 65$?
  6. Coach did make one, I just went to try and find one for you on eBay. Keep looking, one will come up. They hold up so well, maybe you can score a nice one! Good Luck!
  7. Thanks coachkris70! You got my hopes up now. If I don't find one I might as well get the Coach ID lanyard. I don't carry cash or coins anyway. But unfortunately the ID lanyard that I like that is on are not available in stores in san diego and I really don't like the small sig. on the outlet id lanyards.
  8. Yeah, I had to get an all black lanyard for my early summer trip. They make it so easy in the airport. I got one for my husband for the end of the summer trip and he loved it. For something you use like that, plain black is fine. They are always at the outlets. Remember the big signature ones? They were great; I wish I had one. I don't like mini signature very much, either. If it is mixed, like in a patchwork, that's cool, but by itself, I never got into it. I hope you find the wallet, though. It's what you really want.