Coach Taxi Tote - opinions please

  1. I have both the Taxi winter floral tote and the LV Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene. I was unpleasantly surprised to discover my Taxi has rub marks on all 4 corners already. I have had her less than 2 months and worn her a handful of times. I am very careful about my bags and I baby them. The leather has scuffed off already, so despite it looking Saffianoish, it certainly doesn't hold up like Saffiano. Others will tell stories about their LV Neverfull DE having quality issues but not me. I love that bag! It's much more than a tote. I love the Taxi tote, too, but I'm ultimately disappointed with n the quality of this new line. I was not be buying more Taxis.
  2. Could you please post pics. of your winter floral problem spots? I want this bag and am worried about the finish holding up long term .
  3. Oh no. I bit the bullet and purchased the same tote. It was between Taxi tote and the floral borough. Does it look like the legacy duffles where the color is just completely gone?
  4. This looks great! Is this the 28?

  5. To be honest, I don't even know 😳

  6. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. Here is a pic of what I'm seeing. It's like this on all 4 corners. In my opinion, it's a shame because I have not used this bag very many times.


  7. Update: I applied some leather conditioner and a tiny amount of a matte black polish and the Taxi tote in winter floral looks pretty good.
  8. Glad to hear! And I did end up getting the NF MM - hope mine holds up like yours. :smile:
  9. I received my floral taxi tote today. Not sure if I love it. The base is just so wide. Sadly I think it may be going back. :sad:

  10. I know what you mean. I kind of went back and forth about keeping it, as well. I'm glad I have it,'s not love. I have so many other bags I just adore. This is the first one in a long time that I feel so meh about.

  11. I thought the same at first but now I love mine. It does slouch too.
  12. I just bought the Red Currant Taxi tote. It's not too wide or big. It's actually proportioned just right to the length of strap to the base. You will love it!
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  13. IMG_3459.PNG Reviving this thread because I'm breaking out my Taxi tote again after far too long, alongside my pretty winter flower wallet and feather key fob -- all incredible gifts from my mom a Christmas or so ago! This tote holds everything and it's one of the bags that I think looks particularly fantastic in their cross grain leather - a type that my mom and I both agree that they overdid with too many styles at one point. This, however, is gorgeous!! (Thank you again, mom!!)
  14. Love your tote and your fobs looks great! The color is so pretty!
    I used my Saddle Taxi Tote last week and I forgot how much I liked it. Perfect size for me!
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  15. Such a pretty color! and looks great with your wallet & fobs.
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