Coach Taxi Tote - opinions please

  1. Looks great on you!

    I kinda like the dogleash closure - at least for a true tote.

    My son would love that it has camo. I don't know that I have seen the reversible IRL.

    Will have to take a closer look at that one.
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    I just got my taxi, zebra and I love it but can someone help me. I got the bag that zips closed. There is no zipper pull on the zipper. Surely this is a flaw? I don't mean a leather strap or anythig, no zipper pull at all. It should have one, Right?
    So now I called and I have to take the purse to the coach store to have them verify there is no freaken zipper pull on it and then they will ship out another. I wish they would just send one out so I don't have to go to the mall but whatever. Full price purchase and no zipper pull, not impressed with the quality.

  3. Can you post a pic?
  4. if i can remember how, yes.
  5. I dont know how to post a pic and tired of messing with it.
    2014-12-10 18.12.35.jpg
  6. well apparently i do know how, sorta. can someone fix that huge pic?

  7. There should definitely be a zipper pull on this! This is the one on my camo taxi tote... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1418261603.307037.jpg
  8. Thanks for the response. I'm pretty pissed that they are making me waste MY time and my gas to go to a store to verify they sent me a defective product before they will send another bag to me. Duh, if they send another back and I keep their defective bag they would charge my credit card that they have the information on, why make me wait another 3 to 5 days to get a bag worth the 375.00 I just spent?
  9. It's a great bag for work and is at a pretty decent price point. It's also great if you are rough on your bags because it is the cross grain leather which is scratch resistant. :cool:

  10. I completely understand your frustration!
  11. Can you return it? I think Dillards and macy's has them on sale
  12. It's now on sale on the Coach website (last category across the top, in red, "sale")... make sure you get a price adjustment!
  13. Thanks for the info. I called and they at firsg said its just the preview no adj but I said, no I just out jt in my cart for the discount price so I would like to get the sale price. They said ok so I got the adjustment. I had taken the bag to my store yesterday and they just got some in so I lucked out and exchanged it coe a bag with zipper pull already. Very happy with end result now that I got it at. Much better price.
  14. Glad it all worked out! Modelling pic?
  15. I really like the whipstitch taxi tote and am considering one. The regular ones look wider though.
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