Coach Taxi Tote - opinions please

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to put the Coach Taxi Tote on my wishlist. I was wondering if you could give me your opinions on this bag. To be honest, I was looking at the LV Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene, but DH thinks it is a little costly for just a tote. As well, leather would be nice. Anyway would love to hear your thoughts and comments...also any you might have about the LV Neverfull, if any would be a bonus too. TIA!
  2. I like the taxi tote, but find the bottom a bit wide for me.
  3. agree the bottom is a bit wide for me too. TBH used to love the neverfull, but never did buy it because of the thin straps, and I'm glad I bought the totally instead because I see a neverfull everywhere I go.
  4. I just ordered the zebra taxi friday so I'll let you know, I'm super excited to get it!!
  5. Well .. how do I feel about them? :P

    I just got the Ocelot today and have had the Orange one for about a week. Yes, I know it does not look Orange, there was just really bad lighting in my hallway today and the camera angle is off, but I LOVE them!! They are both the 28 size :smile:.
    Orange Bandaid Tote.jpg Ocelot Taxi Tote_1.jpg
  6. Thanks for the modelling pics! They look great on you! :biggrin:

    Just for reference, how tall are you? I'm only 5"1
  7. I can't really comment on the Taxi Tote, because I don't have it. I did have the Madison East West Tote, and it was very nice. Coach does make some nice totes. I also had a Neverfull PM. I carried it daily for five straight years. Other than the patina on the vachetta leather, it still looked like new. The canvas was flawless. I passed it on to my mother. Even though it was a great bag, I couldn't see myself buying another at the current prices (which will only go up). The reason I started looking more closely at Coach (I previously I had only owned Coach small leather goods) was because I thought LV's prices were starting to get ridiculous for canvas bags.
  8. Thank you for your honesty - like you the price is the reason I am starting to look at Coach again - especially for a tote...I wish they still made the Madison E/W - that was one of my faves!
  9. Thanks :smile:. I hate taking pics so I made sure I turned away from the camera .. LOL! I am 5' 6", so just a bit taller ;). I think the 28 might be too big for you esp. if you are not plus-sized (for lack of a better non-trigger word) like me. Maybe try the zip-top one (which is a size down from this) or the 24 size (which was a tiny thing on me).

    In terms of the NF -- I have always wanted one, but could not see myself paying those prices for canvas. I do have a few Burberry Haymarket totes in coated canvas (which I got on sale at the outlet) and they have held up really well.
  10. I recently bought the camo Taxi tote and I have a monogram LV neverfull pm. I prefer my taxi tote for the simple fact that it has a zipper. It's actually one of my favorite bags 😊
  11. Here's the camo on me. I'm only 5'3 😃 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1418142558.954314.jpg
  12. i like the Tatum Whiplash Totes best of all.
  13. I love my Taxi Tote 28 in black! I don't have any pics of it yet. But I use it a lot and love it! Finally a tote with enough of a shoulder drop and nice thin straps. Gold hardware is really beautiful. Textured leather is durable but softer than saffiano.
    P.S. The 28 has no zipper, just a dogleash closure. Not an issue for me.

  14. +1
    It's so comfortable. I have mine loaded up as a work tote & it's perfect!
    View attachment 2828217
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