coach sunglasses

  1. Hey! Im a new member, and Im so glad I found this site. Crisis, has occurred to my coach accessories. I purchased a pair of coach sunglasses a year and half ago. These were my fave of all!! Sat. night I run into the mall for a quick purchase and I laid them down in the store. I didnt know until I returned to the car. I ran back in and of coarse they were gone, and no one had seem them. I slowly walked back the car in disbelief, and before I knew it tears were rolling. I got back home and desperate to replace them ASAP I purchased a pair on eBay. I just recieved them and I think they are fake. But I dont know for sure. They look extremely large on my face, and I dont recall the other ones looking this gigantic. and they feel a whole lot lighter than the other ones. I dont know how to take a pic and post them. I dont know what to do. Expect, I keep thinking them 14 yo teenager girl probably is pimping my fave glasses now!!!
  2. Oh. Do you have a digital camera? If you do, take a picture and save it to a file on your computer, then upload it to something like tinypic and post the picture on the Authenticate This! thread.

    If you dont but have a scanner, take a picture with a disposable camera, scan, save, and upload to tinypic, post on Authenticate This!

    And, if you have neither of the above, ask a friend? Someones bound to have a camera, scanner, or maybe even a CELL PHONE CAMERA. =]
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you!

    Do you have the link to the eBay auction where you purchased your new pair? We could take a look at it for you.

    Also, before you buy anything on eBay again, if you post in here:

    Our brilliant authenticators can check it out for you and make sure it's real before you buy. :smile: