Coach stitched Hobo

  1. I have a large stitched Hobo in Mahogany and I love it.

    I stopped into my local Coach store and they were no longer displaying *any* of the stitched Hobo series. What happened? Did they discontinue this bag or is it all sold out? I really like it, but I wonder if it's still popular.

    It also comes in white, Coach logo, black and rose. I saw NONE in the store.
  2. Are you talking about the ones they had right before Christmas? I believe those were just transferred to the outlets b/c they updated that line.
  3. That is the one I am watching for in the outlets!! I want that BAD!!!

  4. I called a nearby outlet and they did not have any. They were only able to find one, in rose, currently in transit towards Monmath, where ever that is.

    They didn't know if they were actually going to get any at all but the did offer to order me one - at FULL RETAIL. :yucky:

    I see the bag is no longer on the website, so I wonder where they all went.