Coach Soho Signature Large Hobo Handbag

  1. how much is this bag going for brand new??

    Coach Soho Signature Large Hobo Handbag 06279

    what does this mean Coach style FS6279 ??




  2. This is most likely a made for factory bag. Nothing wrong with that esp if you like it. I have a made for factory soho leather hobo and I love it
  3. No it was not a made for factory bag I got mine at Nordstroms two years ago, sorry I don't remember the price.
  4. does $220 seem to much for it?
  5. I could be wrong but I *think* that sometimes Coach does full-price runs and factory runs of the same style, and the factory run will have the "FS".

    Someone else might know for sure...
  6. not at all.... i would think it retailed for 250+
    but thats just a guess
  7. In any case I suspect that $220 is quite a mark-up from the discounted factory price--but I'm just guessing.:smile:
  8. When I was working for the outlet (about a year ago) we would get shipments from the full retail stores of bags that were going to the factory and when we got them we retagged them with our factory tag on it. I think that is how it is still done now? :girlsigh: Then we would also get shippments from JAX that were bags from a year or two ago that were full retail bags, but never made it to the full retail stores because the demand was not as high, which is most likely what happened with this bag.
  9. Interesting! Thanks for info!:smile:
  10. I bought this bag, but in black signature, from an outlet probably 3 months ago, and it was on clearance. I paid $108 plus tax. Obviously it's hard to tell how much the original owner paid for it, but $220 sounds pretty steep. HTH
  11. FS means Factory Style
  12. okay thanks very much
  13. I have this bag in leather--factory exclusive. I bought it last summer. The original price was either $299 or $328. I bought it for $118 but it went as low as $99. And that's for leather.
  14. I have this exact bag - I'm doubting it's a made for factory bag because they all had dustbags in them. And the creed doesn't have an "F" just the style #. I think I paid around $150.

    ETA: found the receipt. The factory price was $269 so it retailed higher than that. I paid $135.99 + tax.