Coach Sightings in the Wild!

Lake Effect

Feb 25, 2017
So I was out thrifting at the GW outlets the other day with my bestie and a woman was slowly but steadily moving past us and she had a red (I believe!) Delancy drawstring! The other possibility is a Lexington Drawstring. It looked quite roomy. She had it over her shoulder, completely open, bucket style. And it looked full lol. I passed her a compliment and pointed to my bag and she replied back but kept moving. There was no time to ask for a pic or more details. She was on a thrifting mission haha.
I keep my eyes open now when I pop in Whole Foods, looking for my Pony Express girlfriend. :yes:
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Aug 11, 2006
Am I the only person who carries my bags closed?
I keep my bags closed up but I am also intensely curious and if I spot an open bag calling to me I will answer that siren call and take a peek if I can. I am always watching WIMB videos. Anything that looks like a bit of disorganization has me hooked.