Coach Shoes??

  1. I'm new here and had no idea where to ask this but since it was the Coach section I figured it was ok..

    I have a obsession with Coach shoes lately. I have bought 3 pairs of Katelyn style in the last 2 weeks.

    I have went to my local Dillards but I can't find any flip flops without a wedge. I know they have sold these in the past.

    Has anyone seen any or know where to get them? eBay's seem to be BLAH and I just don't trust it anyways.

    Thanks so much!

    Also.. What is the largest size Coach bag. I'm needing a decent size one for a diaper bag. I'm trying to match my shoes.. LOL
  2. I've bought all of my coach shoes in Macy's and Marshalls... sneakers were only around $50 on sale at TJ's, wedges were about 100, and the stacked leather heels that I love were 120... you can find great stuff there if you're willing to look.

    My outlets NEVER have shoes, FYI. Maybe others do...