Coach Shoes...Question??

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  1. I was looking to buy my first pair of coach shoes...I was looking at the silver laurels do these hold up well? Are there any cute white sandals that look similar to this shoe??? Also do coach shoes usually run big or small? Are they comfortable? What other shoes/sandals do you reccommend from coach? (reasonably priced) Thanks!!!
  2. usually flats run a little big, I am not sure about sandals. make sure you try them on first in a store like macy's before you buy them online because the bottom where the c's are might be really hard and and uncomfortable.
  3. I love Coach shoes.

  4. I own a bunch of Coach shoes in the wedge style, they are EXTREMELY comfortable! I wear them just about everyday to the office. I nornally wear a size 9 and same for Coach shoes.
    You can usually get a good deal on them at Macy's or Dillards (or even eBay!)when they have a sale going on they're usualy 25% off.

    Hope thie helps.......;)
  5. I usually am true to size (8) in Coach shoes.. HOWEVER I just bought a pair of platform flip flops and had to go up a 1/2 size. for some reason they ran really small. I'm not sure about the Laurel flip flops but since they are flat I think they probably run true to size.
  6. Is the embossed botton of the shoes uncomfortable?
  7. I saw the Laurel flip flops on sale at Macy's this past weekend. They were 25% off for both the white and gold colors. Not sure about the silver color though.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, but the macy's nearest to me (pittsburgh,PA) I have NEVER seen any coach shoes. Has anyone ever seen any there? correct me if i'm wrong.

  9. yesssss!! i had the poppy ones and i got weird things under my feet... forgot what they call them in english.. in french they re called ampoules because they look like lightbulbs!! extremely painful!!
  10. In my experience with Coach shoes they tend to vary. I have dress shoes that are heeled loafer style and they are about a half size small. Have ballet flats and they have all run about a half size big. So I'm normally a Nike sz 10- but I'd need a 10.5 or 11 in the dress shoes but a 9.5 in ballets. Odd. Not sure about flip flops with no heel tho.
  11. ^^Same here. My tennis shoes are my normal size but my wedges (with the exception of my Alyssa's from a couple years ago) ran a bit smaller. In that case, I went up half a size.
  12. I have these exact shoes & wore them today, even though they are very uncomfortable! I have worn alot of bandaids b/c of this particular shoe.
  13. Mine also tend to vary. But usually it's like that for wherever I buy shoes. I love Coach shoes. I find them comfortable and cute! :smile:
  14. I want the fara pumps. Want. Really. Need to have.

    ETA: sorry about the lack of input I had :-x