COACH scribble large hobo - original

  1. Hey ladies. I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions for me about the original COACH scribble hobos that came out, particularly the large one. I'm talking about the bright colored line, not the Hamptons or "pastels."

    I went to COACH the day the bags came out and bought the large hobo, only to return it a week later. This was like two springs ago. Now I'm planning a trip to Cancun and would love to have this bag to bring with me. Luckilly, there are many on eBay; but unfortch, it's kind of hard to tell the real from the faux.

    I didn't post this in the authenticity thread because what I'm really asking for is that any of you who HAVE the bag and would be so kind as to post photos of your own so I can compare and try to tell the difference for myself. I don't know if the material is cut the same for each bag, i.e. do they all have the same color C's in the same place, etc.

    Any photos anyone might post would be of great help to me. And if I've offended anyone by posting in the wrong place, please feel free to move me to where I belong.

    Thanks guys!!!!
  2. I have the pastel scribble hobo and can tell you that the C's are NOT in the same place on every bag. Hopefully someone with the one you are looking for can post pics for you.