Coach = quality? Agree?

  1. I have looked at millions of bags, used tons of different ones, and I always end up coming back to Coach. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? I get so tired of Coach because it's very popular here, but then I look at other bags with sky-high prices, and I honestly don't think they are as nice, or just at least AS nice with higher prices! You can get a great leather bag that will last forever at the outlet for under $200! I also like that they have many different sizes and styles, and not all the bags are HUGE.

    Does anyone else find this to be true?
  2. yes...I agree. I recently shopped for a bag for my MIL for Christmas. She ONLY wears the organizer bags (bag with the zip pocket on the outside that serves as your wallet--I know.) so that ruled out Coach. I must have shopped for 4 hours in every store you can imagine looking for good quality leather bags. Its amazing how many no name brands I found asking $100 or more for their so, so quality bag. The best I could find was a small Fossil leather organizer bag for $120. the leather and quality is pretty good. I just hope it holds up. I haven't shopped any other brands besides Coach for almost two years now, so it was interesting to see whats out there. It just made me realize once again why I'll only buy Coach. The quality is unbeatable.
  3. I know that is why you see all those classic bags in 2nd hand boutiques from like 20 or 30 years ago, they are still holding up !
  4. a leather coach is $200 less then a nylon prada! who would want nylon when u can get leather?
  5. :yes::tup:
  6. I agree with Coach's great quality for a good price (hence why it is so recognized and bought by so many), but I still want a closetful of Hermes :push:
  7. yup I totally agree with you on the great quality, price and looks of coach purses!!!
  8. I saw a commercial on tv about these bags called "buxton bags" they were organizer bags and were like 20 bucks. you could google it
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  10. I've looked at quite a few designer bags and my taste always comes back around to Coach, I love the quality and detailing. When I see some other bags priced in the thousands (will not mention any brand names, ha!) I don't find them nearly as appealing. For many reasons Coach seems to be the perfect fit for me in price, style and quality.

  11. HAHAHAHAH! The Buxton Bag! I threatened my mom with one of those! I was like, "yeah keep acting all grouchy and I'll tell daddy you want a Buxton for valentines day. They'll deliver it straight to your door!"
  12. Agreed! I hope no one takes offense to this, but you can get a really nice, classy Coach bag for around $400 that's leather, or you can spend $600 and get coated canvas :confused1:

    I guess if money isn't an issue, buy whatever you want regardless of quality, but I don't have hundreds to blow on a designer bag that's less than perfect. That's why I love Coach. My money has been well spent!
  13. I have been a little disappointed about little things like plastic zippers on my wave pouch compared to Dooney & Bourke (which has some great leather but boring / ugly designs). However, I find a lot of Coach designs that I adore especially when compared some *other* brands. :smile: And much better for the price.

  14. I think it just depends on what people are going for. Damier canvas can absolutely be thrown anywhere and you never have to worry about ruining it, as opposed to leather being durable...but you would be more careful taking it certain places, in certain weather conditions. Plus I think leather vs. damier/mono canvas offer different looks, right? I personally like that the damier print has been around for over 100 years! It was made even before the monogram!
  15. Ha ha that is so funny ! Those commercials are hilarious aren't they ! My husband is obsessed with those vaccum seal lids that can attach to anything. Also obsessed with anything that these companies claim are used on space ships or by astronauts lol ! Do those Buxton bags have a place where you can organize your bottles of booze lol !