Coach Poppy Perfume

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  1. Yesterday, I tried on a sample of the Poppy Perfume in the afternoon and it smells great! I woke up this morning and I can still smell it from my hair. My husband loves it so I'm going to wear it all the time now. :P I'm picking up a bottle tomorrow. I'm in my 40's and the smell just makes me feel young without trying too hard to be young. :graucho:


    Its fruity and floral tones of cucumber flower, mandarin, freesia, jasmine, water lily, gardenia, crème brûlée accord, cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla and whipped marshmallow help create a scent that is sweet (without being overwhelming), floral (without being too earthy) and refreshing.
  2. I have it and I LOVE IT...
  3. i don't have it and WANT IT! LOL :biggrin:
  4. Ha ha ha ha!!!!
  5. Oh, this perfume smells so good! I like it so much, I even bought one of the purse sprays.
  6. i like it, my mom is 52 and wants it! i am still in love with the legacy.
  7. Even the bottle looks pretty!
    Now, you got me curious about the perfume.:biggrin:
  8. I LOVE it too! I got it as soon as it came out :smile:. It is a great scent and it just picks me up sometimes :smile:!
  9. It is a great scent. It's floral when you just sprayed it on and once it dries up I smell a subtle vanilla scent and a hint of floral. And it lasts on me all day. Finally, a perfume that goes well with my body chemistry. :smile: And my husband even took notice.
  10. So where do you get it?
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    I love it too and love that it doesn't give me a headache.:happydance:
    (All of the Estee Lauder perfumes give me a headache, regardless of whether or not I like them, and the Coach perfumes are made by Estee Lauder...I think.)
  12. You are absolutely right. I used to wear CK Euphoria. I love the smell but it does give me a headache. I just finished the bottle that my husband gave me 2 years ago.
  13. You can order it online or at a Coach Store. I'm not sure if the outlets carry it.
  14. I got the purse spray at Macy's. While I love the scent it doesn't seem to last on me. :sad:
  15. That's too bad. It really depends on your body chemistry. Sometimes a perfume smell changes once it hits your body. It just happens this perfume works on me. I used to wear Escape for Women by CK before I started wearing Euphoria. It lasts forever on me but the smell is overpowering. I just put a little dab on my neck and it lasts a very long time.

    The Poppy Perfume is perfect for me. It's not overpowering with just a hint of sweetness and floral.