Coach Pink and Brown Scarf Print 2005 Season

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new to this forum, but I thought it might be a good place to get some info on a bag that I continually kick myself for not buying.
    One of my favorite color pallettes is pink and brown, and I originally saw the Coach pink and brown scarf print tote in a flea market, but didn't get it which was a huge mistake.
    I couldn't find an authentic anywhere.
    I even went back to that flea market, but it was no where to be found.
    I try to google information on it and get nothing but other scarf print patterns that have been released. I can't find a used one either.
    Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, so any help you can offer would be great.
    Thanks so much.
  2. I have no idea, but if anyone can find it, this board can! LOL
  3. I think your best bet at this point is probably to check on ebay. But just be careful of fakes and post what you find to the authenticate this thread first.
  4. is it this one? I found mine off ebay...they dont really show up very often but jumped when I saw this one. Now I barely ever use it!!!:shrugs:

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    Yep that's the pattern. :tup:
    I've been looking on ebay regularly.
    How long ago did you find it there?
  6. That's the bag except for the color palette.
    Thanks for finding it for me though.
  7. Hey...I have this exact same tote and I just recently sold the satchel style and the hobo as I rarely use the tote. I have to say that I love the tote though. It looks like you are looking for the medium tote. I would continue to look on bay and if I see anything myself, I will pm you.
  8. Your bag is pretty I love the colors. I have not seen one of these in a while.
  9. I see them pop up on ebay every now and then. Unfortunately, you never know what people will put in their title. Sometimes it will be scarf print, sometimes satin, pink and brown.............. You just need to do alot of searches. If I stumble on one I'll let you know.
  10. I actually prefer the style that's on ebay now, but it's the green and brown scarf print. The straps are longer and the tote has a lot more room, but I have to say I've never seen that before.
    I've only come across the medium tote with the shorter straps.
    I might be open to other styles as well.
    Thank you everyone for your help.
    I'll keep looking on ebay too.
  11. I am looking at a pink and brown scarf print purse on ebay right now and I just wanted to see what anyone's opinion was on the authenticity. The seller swears it is real and has 100% positive feedback, but the serial number seemed strange to me. It is #CO5J-8F39. I have not seen a serial number with a letter in the second part of it. Has anyone else seen this before?
  12. Good question...maybe try posting this over on the "authenticate this" forum link here Someone there would know for sure! And welcome to tPF!
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    please read the rules, also, please do not bump one yr old threads so advertise. :sad:
  14. SELLING IS NOT ALLOWED HERE. I am reporting this post.
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