Coach Patchwork

  1. has anyone seen the New Coach patchwork ERGO bag?

    what do you think of it? i was thinking buying it but am torn between that one and the White ERGO handbag?

    what do you think of the new Patchwork ERGO?
    should I get the WHITE leather ERGO bag instead?

  2. forgot to add the pic of the new patchwork bag. what do you think of it?[​IMG]
  3. I like it. I have a very similar one but I can't remember the name of the style, in the same colourway. For some reason, I dislike patchwork in other bags but Coach always gets it right in my opinion. I say go for it!
  4. Wow, I'm surprised, I love that. Very cute casual bag.
  5. thanks so much for your comment. i think i might buy it! :tup:
  6. I don't care for it, but then again, i have never seen a patchwork bag that I actually liked. I really like the white leather one though.
  7. I would go with the white bag, not a fan of the patchwork.
  8. i agree not a fan of patchwork i love the leather ergos so i would go with that one :smile:
  9. I personally don't like it at all - but if you love it, who cares! Get it!

  10. yeah...i wear a lot of i figured if i get the denim ergo patchwork, might look like too much denim all together..know what i mean? :girlsigh:
    so...i might end up getting the white ergo leather which i really like but all the stores in my area, San Francisco, are all sold out! ugh:sad:
  11. honestly i hate patchwork, and this one is kinda cute! if you're going to add patchwork to your collection, this should be the one right here
  12. It's cute but JMHO I would probably get a plain Ergo and a patchwork wristlet.
  13. I really don't care for anything in patchwork and the Ergo design isn't a favorite either but different strokes for different folks! I'm a hardware wh* bags need some more bling. :P
  14. I never liked patchwork until they came out with the denim color one. WOW, beautiful. Perfect with jeans.