coach outlets regular sales vs. holidays sale

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  1. Anyone has experiences of shopping at coach outlets during holidays? I went to the outlets couple of times during normal seasons and during holidays (labor day and Easter so far only but not a big thanksgiving holidays), and I found the sale price were almost the same. Is this really true or maybe during labor day they don't have things on sale that much? :s
  2. Actually, my outlet had a huge sale on labor day! Nearly every item was 20%-25% off the usual price. I came back the next day because my mom had some things to return at another store in the outlet center, and the 20%-25% off thing was gone.
  3. With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching, I'm reminded that for at least the past 2 years the Hagerstown, MD outlet has issued "Additional 15% Off" coupons on the morning of Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving). The coupons were issued to ALL shoppers who came in before 9am (they opened at 6am), and the coupon could be used repeatedly, ALL DAY! This add'l 15% could be applied to all store merchandise, including already reduced items!:tup:

    Also, last year the Leesburg, VA outlet opened their doors at 11pm, yes 11pm, on the evening of Thanksgiving. They were open ALL night, into the next day (Friday) and they also gave out add'l percentage coupons! I don't recall if all of the outlet stores in Leesburg participated with these unusual hours, but there were other stores open along with COACH.

    I've never been a big fan of shopping on Black Friday, but I have made exceptions for these events. So I hope these locations do something similar this year, too!

    Did anyone else in the area of these stores shop?
  4. I would rather pay full price than fight the holiday crowds on Black Friday...ugh!
  5. I so agree with RWolfeOH. I've been to the outlet on a regular afternoon and it is so uncomfortable to shop (actually should be called grab and go).

    If you're into the packed stores or don't mind, then go for it.

    PCE is coming up either in Nov. or Dec. so you could also wait for that also.
  6. I wonder if the Leesburg outlet is going to do it again this year?