Coach outlets from LA to Vegas

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  1. I'm trying to pick one Coach outlet to stop at from LA to Vegas. I'm turning 35 and my husband and I are seeing Barry for my b-day (May 7th!!!). :yahoo:

    There are: Barstow outlet, Primm outlet, and the outlets in Vegas proper (2?). I would prefer to stop on the road at either Barstow or Primm.

    Out of these four which is the best and biggest to stop at?

    I've got impatient husband (unless they have a good selection of men's bags and belts) to think about. I'll be going on a M-F so I'm hoping the crowds will be a little less.
  2. I've never been to Barstow outlet but I've ordered a bleecker capacity wristlet from them that was hard to find so I'm guessing they've got good stuff. I know Primm has a good selection, I was blown away with their Legacy selection when I was there compared to the 2 Las Vegas outlets that I normally frequent. So I'd say Primm!