Coach outlet in San Marcos, TX

  1. My girls and I are thinking about taking a one-day rode trip to the Coach outlet in San Marocs from Dallas but we don't know what they have in the store. Has anyone visitied this location lately and will it be worth the 3 hour drive. They also have a Dooney & Bourke outlet but we prefer Coach. I also used to receive a mailing for an additional discount at the outlet store but I have not seen any of those in a while. Do they still send them out?
  2. My mom lives in San Antonio and has started going to the Coach outlet on a weekly basis! She said it is LOADED with stuff! She said tons of leather bags and even signature bags. Lots of swingpacks last time she was there...

    Great clearance table, too. She picked up 6 mini iPod holders in the zebra striped (black & white and black & brown) pattern. I asked her for ONE but they were originally $98 marked down to $9.99 and then 20% off. (I have NO clue what I'm going to do with these things! :rolleyes: )

    It's definitely worth the trip! She said she never sees much in the D&B outlet but she doesn't like D&B anyway... tons of great stuff at the Off Saks, too!

    Have fun!!!
  3. Oh, and there is a new Kate Spade outlet there, too!

    She also picked up some GREAT Lulu Guiness things at the NM Last Call outlet... along with many other items!
  4. Thanks for the info
  5. Yeah, that store usually has good stuff but I don't find the discounts THAT great. Still, the outlet center is huge and they have so much stuff (Coach, Cole Haan, D&B, Ann Taylor, Ferragamo, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, NM Last Call, Saks Off Fifth, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, just to name a few!). For sure the best outlet center I've ever been to. Damn, now I feel like going (Houston here)!!
  6. Eeek. I need to go now also. Love alllll those stores.
  7. Holy moly. I just remembered my outlet mall had a Saks Off Fifth outlet! Do they sell handbags? I only went in there once to look at some jeans. Which reminds me, I want some Joes Jeans. . .

  8. Going to the outlets abandoned? :graucho: