Coach outlet give dust bags?

  1. I purchased a Coach poppy tote last weekend at the Coach outlet in Vacaville but it did not come with a dust bag. Do the outlet purses normally have a dust bag or do I need to ask for one? If they give them then I might swing by the store and ask for one. TIA!
  2. Coach outlets don't give out dustbags. Some of the bags they sell have them inside and others don't... it's pretty random. You can stop in at a regular Coach boutique store and ask for one though =) Hope that helps!
  3. I asked a SA last time I was in there shopping for a gift and they told me that some bags have them and some don't, the SA was nice enough to go through other bags and find one for me though... So maybe you can do the same so you dont have to go to more then one store.. :smile:
  4. everything I've ever gotten from a Coach outlet had a dust bag, be it a handbag or a wristlet or whatever... even the little pillbox I got my mom had one! lol. I guess it just depends on the store, as well? Both San Marcos and Round Rock always seem to have them :smile:
  5. Its random. Last time I bought from there I jsut went through a few of the other bags until I found one. I kinda felt liek I was stealing though lol.
    SPARKLES: I went into a coach boutique to ask for a dust bag and they said they dont sell or give them. You have to buy a purse to get one. Were they feeding me bull??
  6. I always get a dust bag at my outlet. I guess it depends on where you shop. I shop at Woodbury Common Plaza in Harriman, NY.
  7. I think I saw some of the bag had dust bag..but some dont...I asked the sales why is that and she told me because u are paying retail price at the boutique and when u are outlet u are paying outlet price
  8. if there isn't one in the bag (the brown dustbag) ask the SA...I know the 2 outlets I go to keep extra ones in a drawer by the counter.

    all small accessories (keyfobs/charms/wristlets/wallet/sunglass/planners/pillboxes/etc..) come with the thin white dustbag at the outlet.

    "hand-me-downs" from boutiques are hit-or-miss with brown dustbags (search through the bag first)...and "made for the factory store" bags do not come with one.

    this has been my experience anyway...
  9. no they arent. sometimes you can try to call customer service and they MIGHT give you one, but its doubtful. just use a pillow case
  10. The bag I bought there didn't come with a dust bag. Actually the other bags I bought at a different outlet didn't come with dust bags either. I did get one when I bought the leather cleaner...go figure!
  11. i've never had any problem getting a dustbag outta them. but they also know who i am, so maybe that has something to do with it?

    it can't hurt to ask next time! just say you bought a bag (don't say from where) and that it didn't come with a dustbag and could you please get one?
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I'll drop by the outlet and ask for one this weekend.
  13. I bought 2 bags at the outlet yesturday and one had a dustbag and one didn't. I think it's hit or miss.
  14. i always get dust bags if they are bigger sized bags...not the wristlets or anything similar though
  15. the SA at the outlet told me the same thing, go through the other bags to get one. I thought that was kinda funny but hey if you want a dustbag, guess that's what you gotta do!!