Coach Outlet Gifts and Gift Receipts

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  1. Okay...question. If you were to buy a Coach gift for someone at one of the outlets, do you provide them an outlet gift receipt so that they can exchange if they don't like it or want to see if there's something else they might prefer...or do you not give them the gift receipt at all? I got some stuff for my SIL at the outlet and got her gift receipts, but I'm wondering if I should give her the receipts (that blatantly say 'outlet' on them) or not? I want her to be able to exchange if she wants to...but wondering if the 'outlet' receipt is...gauche? Help!! :confused1:
  2. well - we may CALL it an "outlet"...but Coach calls it a "Factory Store"

    IMO - it's the thought of the gift that counts...not how much, or how/where, you purchased it.


    but Yes, I think it's always nice to include gift receipts...just in case. Heck, I gave my mother in law a wristlet for Christmas from the outlet and included the gift receipt...
  3. Definitely go with the gift receipt. And outlet or not, it's still Coach! I'm sure she'll love the thought behind it regardless -I wish my more of my relatives would buy me Coach!
  4. Your reply was my first instinct too...which is why I asked for the gift receipts when I bought the was only after I got home that I saw the receipts had the header "[city] Premium Outlets" on it. The receipt paper has the Coach's just that header that threw me for a loop?

    I too tend to think it's the thought that counts (an it's not like I didn't still spend decent coin, even at the outlet! LOL) but I didn't know if it was weird to include an outlet receipt. :shame:
  5. Don't think it's gauche at all - You can still spend quite a bit at the outlet and they have beautiful things. I think you are very nice to buy Coach for a relative - it doesn't matter where you got it at!
  6. cafire i'm glad you asked for the gift reciepts because with outlets its always tricky.

    it truly sucks for me to tell someone they can't exchange or get store credit for a gift they've gotten from factory/outlet because...

    we can't tell what the price was when it was purchased, understand, that outlets constantly have mark downs or sales so the price on the tag doesn't often reflect the price paid on the merchandise.

    that person is often suggested to ask the "gift giver" for the gift reciept or actual reciept but they often don't just because they're embarassed to go back and tell them they prefer something else.

    course, my sister has no problem with this, she just calls me on the phone and tells me, "i'm going to exchange that gift you got me!" :sad:
  7. I say include it. I hate being on the recipient-end and feeling too polite to ask for a gift receipt. I'm always afraid I'll offend the gift-giver.

    Also, most things (though not all) from the outlet stores have "Coach Factory" written on the tag so she might notice anyway?

    In any case, it's the thought that counts (and yum, COACH, what a pleasant thought :biggrin:). Factory or otherwise, it's still Coach (meaning that even if you got a deal, it's not exactly a cheapo $10 gift that will fall apart in a few months). IMO it's not really your fault for being a great bargain finder, right?

    (Plus, this way you can guarantee that she'll end up with something she loves).