Coach Olive Crossbody. No 492-6425

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  1. I have this vintage Coach bag. Olive green color. Brass fittings , suede lining , long thin Crossbody strap . The creed says made in New York City . I'm curious about age, rarity, and any general info.

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  2. Please read the first post in this forum
    "One big rule, no comments about people's pieces or questions.
    This is a photo library only, please start a new thread in the COACH Forum for any comments or questions.
    The reason we do this is when someone is searching a thread for photos, style #s etc. . . it's hard to weed through the comments and conversations to find the reference info they need."

    Always check the top (pinned or sticky) posts in each main forum to see if there are any specific rules about what should and shouldn't be posted there.
    This is a thread for reference photos only. Identification questions should be asked at the "ID This Coach Item" thread. Thanks!