Coach Madison Lurex wristlet black and silver price range?

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  1. Hello there, how much are these going for at the outlets?:angel: I hope for cheaper than i see on eBay!!!:cursing:


    It would look smashing (yes i said smashing!) with my tote thats coming :nuts:
  2. It's $32 plus tax.
  3. ty :smile:
  4. I'm so dumb, i didn't know there was a section for outlet ?'s..


    sorry for posting here!!
  5. I have it from the outlet, looking at it right now and it doesn't have the corner reinforcements in the same pattern. It has a straight diagonal line coming from the corner ~1.5 cm instead.

    Mine's also tiny sig, not optic-looking.

    Probably just something else then. I thought they were the same. Nevermind.
  6. Ditto. I saw ones like described above at the Lee, MA outlet, but no optic like the picture in the original post. Sorry.