Coach Lip Gloss Now Online!

  1. Cute packaging but as usual, the colors do not flatter most darker skin tones. :nogood: GRRRRR!
  2. I still can't believe the lipstick is less than the lip gloss?

    IDK I want it but your pretty much just paying for the "wrapping"... IDK I don't like to spend that much on just a lip gloss...

    But yeah I can spend$600 on just a bag. LOL I'm weird...

    But I'm sure there are lots of us like that.
  3. I dunno, I already ordered this to try it out! I regularly spend more on lip glosses anyway, so this will be a fun experiment :amuse:

    Someone got the Heather and they said it was a tawny bronze brown type of color, and the gardenia is some kind of gold? And the other one is really pink. So I am going with Heather for now!
  4. I'm assuming it goes from left to right. Gardenia is the far left, Hibiscus in the middle and Heather on the right. I'm going with the Heather definately. The other two are way too bright for me!
  5. I like the one in the middle. I think I'm going to order that one. If these are sheer then it won't be as bright as it looks.

    The price really doesn't concern me since I usually pay $26 for Chanel lipgloss!
  6. Those are soo cute
  7. Lip gloss is like over $20 for me regularly too. So the Coach price is pretty fair.

    I like the heather and hibiscus. Unless these are very sheer, I don't see how the gold gardenia would work out well.
  8. I just called my boutique to order it, and I got some info - apparently only flagship stores are getting the gloss this month, so if you think you will like it you will either have to go to one of those stores or call your store to order it (mine upgraded to 2day ship at no cost).

    I will post pics as soon as I get it, of what it looks like on my lips!
    I ordered Heather :tup:
  9. Same here! I am a Chanel fiend :love:

    We seem to like a lot of the same stuff, are you sure we weren't separated at birth? :roflmfao:
  10. LOL! I noticed that too! Well, I suppose it's possible!! :lol:. Long lost twins living on opposite sides of the country reconnect through their love of purses and chanel lipgloss!! :p
  11. Hibiscus is pretty... :love:
  12. Yay i can't wait to see how it looks on you. I'm loving the signature bottle too, it looks so cute!
  13. DH wants to get me the Hibiscus, I think he has a hot pink fantasy or something :biggrin::rolleyes:
  14. don't we all? :nuts: