Coach-Legacy Line is more than the big bag!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I want O_o
  2. That Mocha color is so nice! I love this one, one of the few Tan's I could find. I just dont know how often I would carry a "backpack"

  3. Holy crap. I didnt even check to see the backpack in different colors! Wow girl, that is very cute. Youre right though, I dont know how much I would use it these days :/
  4. oh goodness gracious...:love: i love the patricia's legacy...that was my favorite Coach leather at that time, and my *now* husband bought me one in black a long time ago...*sigh* (going to go dig it out and use it)
  5. I cant wait to see these in the store. Next weekend Im going to go and pick up my last (hopefully) summer bag and I would love to see how these look in person.
  6. For some reason, I've never really liked Coach until they brought in their signature fabric bags.. :shame:

    These leather bags just don't do it for me !
  7. I agree ayla! The leather bags just look old fashion to me
  8. i think they may seem old fashioned compared to what's hot now...

    but shoot, 10+ years ago when everyone (or at least in my hood) was into them, they were the hottest things going...

    then they had all the fake coach you could buy at the vendors on the street, and they'd come in the beauty shop with their big bags...
  9. I think the all leather looks very professional...which I need sometimes. The signature bags are great too, I like them for my play days :love:
  10. I love the old & new! [sigh] Oh! I wish, I wish. . .

    lol That was cute
  11. They have had this section on for a long time now. They have always only been available through the website.