Coach Legacy Ali - problem with turnlock

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  1. I bought the Ali (in black) but had to return it since the turnlock fell off the purse after only 2 weeks!! I had also seen the same problem occur when I was looking at the purse at a Nordstroms (before I bought the Ali at the Coach store). Has anyone had a problem with the turnlock falling off the purse? I really loved the purse, but I was disappointed when this problem occured.

    I would love to buy the Ali but I'm afraid that the turnlock would fall off again at some future date and then it might cost a small fortune to fix later on at the Coach store (assuming the problem occurs after any warranty expires on the purse).

    Anyone had this problem?

  2. I saw a leather legacy shoulder tote at the outlet with a missing turnlock. I hope its not an ongoing problem because I plan to get one for christmas. I wouldn't want to have that happen down the road.
  3. from what i understand, there was a bad batch.
    but should it happen, just take it back to the coach store. if it's a defect in craftsmanship, it should be replaced at no cost.
  4. Mine did that - turnlock just dropped off in my hand. I was told there was a defective batch. Got a new replacement. Seems to be fine, however, I do not use the turnlock as much as I used to!
  5. I've heard about this problem, but just take it to a store and Coach will definitely fix it for you for free.
  6. as for the one at the outlet...couldn't you, in theory, buy it and send it in for repairs? if it was marked down a lot, wouldn't it be worth it to pay the money and send it in?
  7. aw. no fret! it should not fall off anymore

    :smile: i still use mine just as much as i did before, but i admit, when i first got it i just turned it for fun, now i'm over it.

    but i'm not worried because as soon as it breaks off again, i'll just send it in for repairs or have them ship me a new one.

    it's not suppose to do that, it's like if a zipper keeps opening and's not suppose to fall off.