Coach labels

  1. Well, file this under the free Coach stuff... has gift labels for all your gift packages!

    I'm totally keeping this and printing out whenever I need new gift tags. They're so cute too!!! I may never buy any gift labels EVER again.
  2. Ah those are so cute! Yeah I'll definitely be using those!
  3. Adorable!!! Thanks!
  4. omg those are perfect, i'm definitely going to be using those!
  5. very cute!!! :yes:
  6. I'll be using those... and if I save them in my computer, I'll never need to buy gift tags again!!!
  7. those are cute. thanks!
  8. I love those!!
  9. OMG I love these!! They are so cute. I'll be using these for Christmas for sure!!! Thanks!!
  10. o:huh:oooH! cute! I would embezzle some office supplies to print these out on but my acrobat reader is saying a drawing error occurred. ANyone else experience this or have a solution? :confused1:
  11. this happen to me too. :sad: i'll try again in a bit.
  12. Try saving them to your computer first if you haven't already. I just did it that way and they opened with no problem. Also, I think it said you need Reader 6.0 or higher to open it. HTH!

    Thanks for posting these, I love em! :tup:
  13. Me too, but I just kept trying and then it did work. And saving them to your comp. does help!
  14. I recieved the same error, just right click and choose to "Save Target As..." I have the most up to date Adobe reader and I still received that error. I'm going to print some off since I'm at work and have the fancy color printer...;)
  15. yeah, they are sooo adorable!