Coach ID Lanyard

  1. Hi again all,

    I am required to wear an ID badge at all times in the school where I work for security reasons, and I was thinking of getting the Coach ID lanyard to put it in. I'm still deciding if I like the khaki or black one better...

    Does anyone have this? If so, is it too heavy to wear for 8+ hours a day? Also, are they readily available in Coach stores, or will I need to order it? I've never seen it in my store, but then again, I was never really looking for it!

    Coach ID lanyard in khaki.jpg Coach ID lanyard in black.jpg
  2. i dont knowna nything about it but i do like the black better.
  3. I bought it in khaki for last year but lost it before I even used it - yeah, I know, that sucks. I'm getting the black one for this year, which I liked more but they didn't have last year when I needed it. :heart: However I don't plan on wearing it, I usually just throw it in my tote and whip it out when I need my ID (to get food, to get into my dorm, etc.) - I'm not sure how comfy the leather lanyard-thingy would be on your neck all day. However, you CAN detach it and put on a more comfy lanyard if you find one that looks cute with it.
  4. Ooh, I also forgot to say that they pretty much always have it at the bigger Coach stores - like the ones that sell shoes. The smaller one near me doesn't carry it ready in stock. Just from my experience anyway.
  5. I was thinking about getting the black one for my job too! I'd love to hear any reviews. :yes:
  6. same here :yes:
  7. I didn't have a Coach one, but I actually had one with my school's logo that I had compared to one at a Coach store. Surprisingly they were about the same size and weight. I kept the school one instead of returning it (which was my intent after checking out the Coach ones) but I wore the school one every day around my neck to my classes and I even had my keys hanging on it. It didn't get too heavy or anything. I definitely would have gone for the Coach one if it wasn't for school... but it was and I kinda had to support the school and wear the logo. LOL!
  8. I think I'm going to check the mall tomorrow and see if they have it. DH has to work in the morning, and I told him I'd go along for the ride (he is a consultant, so he travels all over... tomorrow's job is about 2 hours away), so I feel that a Coach ID lanyard might be a nice "thank you for spending all day being bored at my job" gift. :whistle:

    Of course, I may just get the perfume I want (Maybe Baby by BeneFit) tomorrow since I still can't decide between the khaki and black lanyard... I am getting a "Yay! You lost 10 pounds" gift in about 3 weeks, so I can get the lanyard then, when I've picked out a color (I think I'm leaning toward black since I wear black pants most days and have a black optic Coach purse that it'll match nicely with!). In any case, I WILL get one before school starts up again.
  9. I have one! I have the black one, it is virtually weightless. It has a handly clip to take the badge off if you need to. luckily and my locks are right at my level. I got my ex bf one too and he LOVES it. I actually ended up buying the matching business tote.

    I have worn mine everyday for months and it still looks brand new. I had to order ours from the store because they didnt have any. but hey, from the store its free shipping and comes nicely giftwrapped:love:

    Go for it! Plus with such a nice lanyard you will never loose it, I guard mine firecly.
  10. Thanks for sharing, Kiari! Oooooh, I can't wait to get one now... my friend at work has the matching business tote and she loves it. Maybe I should get one of those too! Have a matching ID lanyard, purse, AND tote. :yahoo: OK. I'm getting carried away with purchases now... of course, my bday is coming up at the end of August, so I can add it to the list of what I'd like to get! That list is seriously starting to grow... mostly with Coach items! :love:
  11. Love the Matching tote too! It fits a normal laptop perfectly. I have taken to carrying just that to work as the pockets are big enough for all my other normal purse stuff.
  12. hmmmmmmmmmmmm? The bag isnt online anymore?
  13. Oooh, yay, now I REALLY want one! :yahoo:
  14. I went to my Coach store this morning to check out the lanyard.... it is sooo lightweight that I barely felt it around my neck! I loved it a lot, but it's a little shorter than I thought, so I'm still thinking about it. I don't want to have to keep bending over to unlock my classroom door. :sad: It was very, very cute though!
  15. I dihave to bend over a little to reach our card readers, but after a week you dont even notice it. I have had so many of the retractable one's break on me that it isnt even funny.