Coach Group Interview - any tips?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I will be heading off to Coach this evening for a group interview. I know there are a few sa's here and I was wondering if you could offer any tips/pointers on this. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions. :yes:

    Thanks much. :yahoo:

  2. i would suggest going in dress code, i read that on another thread.

    Good luck!!!
  3. First of all, good luck! Let us know how it goes!

    Make sure you dress in dress code (black slacks or skirt, white Oxford shirt, black closed-toe shoes. A coach Scarf would be great if you have one).

    Ask lots of questions! Managers love an attentive interviewee. Also make sure to drop a few mentions of your product knowledge-- wherever it fits into the conversation. Brand knowledge is a big deal at Coach.

    Most of all, be yourself! Be bright, conversational and attentive, and it should go well!

    Again, let us know how it goes!
  4. good luck!!!!
  5. ooo...another potential SA we can pick the brains of! Good luck and please let us know how it goes!
  6. Smile. I use to do interviews and that was a big deal. Makes a better impression.

    When I do group interviews I always try and think of possible questions (the ones you hear at almost all interviews like Why do you want to work here? What would you do in this situation? etc) and have a idea of what I would say so that I can build off something.
  7. I don't have any other tips, but good luck on your interview!!
  8. Thanks guys. I will definitely keep you posted!!! Now off to study the website....

  9. Good luck! :woohoo:
  10. Good luck!