Coach fragrance body lotion?

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  1. I thought I remembered that Coach was gong to be putting out a scented lotion to compliments their fragrance. Does anyone has any additional information on that? Thanks!
  2. It is out at some boutiques now, I haven't seen it online yet.

    It's 38 dollars for about 5 oz (I'm guessing) to 6 oz in size, and smells just like the parfum.
  3. Ooh thanks Candace! I actually havent had a chance to look, but since I havent heard it was out yet, I just assumed it wasnt! Another thing for my Christmas list!
  4. Ooooo, will have to look for this!
  5. Its on the web site now. $38. This is a must-have for me - I LOVE the fragrance.
  6. I love the fragrance, too. Didn't expect to fall in love with it. Hope that they will have a whole bunch of creams, soaps and maybe even shower cream with this fragrance.
  7. Yes, I am obsessed with the fragrance and am going to get the purse spray and the solid to match my parfum. I love it!!! Now lotion to match. Ahhhh.
  8. The fragrance just doesn't smell good to me which kinda sucks cause I really wanted to like it.
  9. Sounds like a sure winner!
  10. We have had in in our store for awhile now. It should be on the table with the fragrance. It smells really nice and seems to help the fragrance last longer.
  11. My SA had me try it and it's wonderful, I couldn't stop smelling my hands and the scent lasts a long time.