Coach Flip Flops

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  1. coach laurel blue.jpg

    I was at KOP mall in PA last weekend and saw these on sale so I ended up getting these.
  2. those are CUTE! and can't resist good flipflops on sale ;)

    i love Coach flip flops!
  3. They are too cute!
  4. absolutely adorable!!!!!
  5. nice :smile:
  6. Cute
  7. KOP! the best place to get into shopping trouble!
  8. OH! I shop at K of P too! LOL! NICE BUY! Very cute shoes!! Love that color!
  9. very cute.
  10. Thanks for posting this! I called my local Coach store and they have them on sale too, so I am going to buy a pair!!!

  11. Hey girl! I am in NJ and shop at KOP! What part of Jersey are you in? I am in Mount Laurel.
  12. I saw these when I was in DC last week! They are so cute!!

    As everyone suggested, I returned a bunch of COACH and got the loafers and slides instead.

    These flip flops are SOO pretty but I am use to a slight heel or graduation at my heels so I felt like I was falling backwards without it. That is why I got the others.

    You now have to get the pretty matching tote! :smile:
  13. I think they have more shoes on sale at coach now. I don't see as many shoes as I used to a couple weeks ago. I live Monmouth county in Ocean, NJ and it's a typical beach town so they don't have a nice mall like KOP around here. I moved here last year from Northern VA near DC and I used to shop at Tyson's Corner all the time and I really miss it! B/c my bf lives right next to KOP I go there often and I always find good deals! I'm going to stop by KOP again next weekend and see if they have more coach sandals on sale :smile: