Coach Dog Collars

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  1. I buy these each year for my pooch off eBay as they are not available in my country unless duty-free. I think I've been very lucky so far, but since joining this site I was wondering if any Coach experts out there knew if dog collars are common as fakes.

    The quality has always been unsurpassed. But if I've bought something hineous, is there anything I should look for? Some of the boxes have metal bar codes, and some just have RRP amounts and bar codes (sticky labels) on the reverse of the box.

    He has a Coach Signature Stripe; a navy blue with a square charm, and is currently wearing a black one with a black and silver bone charm.

    I know that there are ppl who produce fakes which infuriates all of us. I'm too scared to ever by a keycharm and was now just wondering if there are any 'dogged' issues.

    Thank you so much!
  2. I don't think I have ever seen a "fake" dog collar, but that's not say that they don't exist!! I hope they don't exist anyway!
  3. I have seen fakes on eBay. I would just suggest to stick to the store or outlet or try to post in the authenticate this. I know what is real only if I can compare to what Guinness has...hope that helps a little.
  4. my dog doesn't have one since hes too big and he is a boy dog...
  5. I would love to get one for mine but for some strange reason. The XS is about a 1/2 inch to small and the Small is just a little to big.
  6. I did see a fake Burberry dog collar once in eBay. But havent seen any for Coach. Btw, I just went to outlet today and saw the plain one for like $29..