coach creed??

  1. So I bought two signature soft demi's at the Black Friday sale at my outlet - one black and one khaki/mahogany. I didn't really notice the "differences" between the two until I got home... The zipper pulls are different, for one. But the biggest thing that I found to be weird is that the khaki/mahogany one doesn't have the leather creed on the inside of the bag! I called the outlet and the SA sounded like he didn't know what he was talking about, saying that some bags are just made without them. I know wristlets and stuff don't have them, but I've never seen a BAG made without the creed.

    Do any of you have any bags WITHOUT the Coach creed??
  2. That is strange, every bag I own has it on the inside.
  3. Mine too!! And why would the black demi have it but not the khaki? I really don't get it...
  4. how far do you live from the outlet? I would call and ask if they have any more, and just go there and check the other bags, if more than 1 doesn't have it then they didn't make the style with one on the inside. But that's just so strange!!!
  5. I live about 20 minutes from the outlet. I think I'll call them again and ask to speak to a manager instead of just an associate because the guy I spoke to seriously sounded like he didn't know what he was talking about, like he was just guessing.
  6. Well, I called them back up and the woman said that the khaki/mahogany one is the "updated" or newer version of the black one, hence the different zipper pulls and she also mentioned different stitching. She said as far as the creed goes, Coach may have chosen to consider the updated version as an accessory instead of an actual bag. And so the accessories don't have the creed inside.

    Unfortunately they sold out completely of the bag so she can't verify for me whether any of the others had the creed inside or not.

    I know the friend I'm giving the bag to wouldn't give a rat's a$$ whether there was a creed inside or not because she's just not like that, and the only other designer bag she has is a suede Coach messenger bag that me and our other two best friends chipped in to get her for a previous birthday because she never buys "nice things" for herself.

    I just thought it was weird.
  7. yea at least you got it cleared up, I wonder if the pouches have the creed on the inside, like the lurex one. I consider that an accessory
  8. That is odd that the creed patch wasn't there. I think I would check e-bay to see if I could find a listing that had pictures of the inside of the bag. Maybe someone else picked one up at their outlet and can let us know what their bag is like.
  9. What is the style # on the bag that didn't have the creed? Maybe I can do some research for you.
  10. #11219. Thanks!!

    I see a bunch listed on e-bay but none have a photo of the inside... maybe I should ask all of them. *lol*
  11. I have the blue optic pouch and it does not have a creed.... neither goes my red mini sign. c's one.
  12. That is wierd! I can't remember which one of my wristlets, but one that I bought this year had a leather "name tag" inside. I say that because I don't think it had the creed, but it had the name.

    BUT... all of my bags have the creed.
  13. Pouches don't have creeds...maybe the newer version of the bag is now considered a pouch...
  14. what she said! they usually didnt have them!
  15. That's what I'm thinking.