Coach Coupon?

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  1. I was sent a coach coupon, and I can't use it. I don't really want to use it and have no idea why I got one. The only thing I have bought in the last few months was a Legacy Ipod case. Anyways I think it is incredibly cheesy that people are selling them on ebay, and if someone here needs one just PM and it's yours. First come.. first serve!
  2. Hi,

    If its not claimed already, can I get it?

  3. This is really nice of you!

    Yeah, the selling them on ebay does seem kind of shady. It's basically pure profit for the seller.
  4. That is so nice for you...i was too slow :sad:
  5. I just wanted to say that you are so kind to offer it to a fellower tPFer.... :flowers:
  6. Hi! I was just going to start a thread regarding the same thing! I have a Coach Coupon and am not going to use it so if anyone wants it I will mail it to you! Just PM me with your address.
  7. Hi~ I just want to let all the wonderful girls here know that the Coach coupon has been given to a lovely PFer! I wish I had enough for everyone!!!
  8. That would be ME:yahoo:

    I plan on going shopping next week and hope to come home with the legacy satchel plus whatever else catches my eye:yes:

    Thanks again to my fellow PFer...zacorey:smile:
  9. aw thats soo nice of you! i bought alot of coach this year, and didnt get a coupon :crybaby::confused1:
  10. YOU BETTER LET US KNOW WHAT YOU GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: :yahoo: :wlae:
  11. I would not wait too long! They are running low on some resort items already!