Website Updated-10/17

  1. New Arrivals on the website today.....Wheee !!!!!(said in the Geico pig voice)
  2. 16 different colors for the Duffle :faint:
  3. I want one of everything lol.
  4. Gloves with pockets. Hang tag fob, hope they do in in browns and black/grays .
    really like the plaid stuff in mens, the pannier bag and the one with the two pockets in front
  5. iPhone cases - yea!!! Only for iPhone 4, bummer!
  6. Canteen bag is mine!
  7. Yay fucshia wallets!

    The Anna Sui bags made it on too.
  8. Nothing I haven't seen already, my wallet is safe
  9. That Tourmaline molded leather iphone case is calling my name
  10. Love the motif wristlets!
  11. Sorry that I didn’t see more Black Cherry, was hoping for a LARGE LEGACY LEATHER DUFFLE in this colour.

    Love these scarves though.:P
    new LEGACY STRIPE.jpg new HANGTAG.jpg
  12. LOL did anyone see the new LEGACY CROCODILE TOTE.

    Only $10 000
  13. This must be the real thing.

    Did everyone else notice the Coach Collection? Is this new? or did I just miss it previously?
  14. Eeekkkss That's my problem too!!! hehe:P
  15. There is a large duffle in black cherry, I have one!!!!