COACH.COM updated....

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  1. The new Soho line is up. :yahoo:

    I'm surprised no one posted this yet.
  2. I was JUST on there and didnt see it updated! They must have done it within the last hour! WooHoo!!
  3. Thanks!!! I was thinking today was going to be the MAGIC day!!!

    OMG...I just peeked, there is so much to look at!!! YAHOO!!!!
  4. oh man i am in love with this new berry color!
  5. wow, i wonder if the pebbled leather ergo's are going to the outlets???? they are gone!!! i am guessing they are getting ready for the new stuff
  6. look at that cute snail key chain and the turnlock one too...very cute....
  7. Ooohhh, I'm so disappointed because nothing jumps out at me (except that snail keychain) . . . maybe that's a good thing, considering how much money I've spent in the last few months!!

    I'm with you, Pursegal--I was wondering about the Ergos, too. I love that style now; it would be great if they've been relegated to outlets!

    Thanks for the post! I'm going to check it out again after work.
    That made my day!!! AHHHH!!!!
    Thanks for posting!

    My wallet is in so much trouble!
  9. i cant wait for summer to start so i can work full time instead of going to college so i can buy everything lol.
  10. Ahhh! I want so many things! lol!

  11. I love those, too!!!!! That snail is so cute!!
  12. ahhh weekend totes..and the raspberry agenda is sooooo cute!! and of course the snail keychain!!
  13. I :heart: the soho laced satchels. Wonder if it will come in the black leather? Also, I am not a hat person, but that Elisa hat is too cute!!
  14. [​IMG]
    so cute!!! lol

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do they do this to me??? I told my Fiance that after the Louis speedy I was done for awhile, and then Coach has to come out with all this new stuff:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  15. [​IMG]i think this is pretty to bad it's too small for me